might be old question but my first time here at Prada...Antic Cervo Hobo?

  1. Hi does anyone have any thoughts about this hobo style bag? Or the Antic Cervo satchel? Pros Cons, do you love it, not love it, and where might I still find one? Thanks so much. I own Balenciaga, Chloe, but I feel a Prada coming into the family soon! Thanks for your help!:shame:
  2. The Antic Cervo is very beautiful - the leather is incredibly soft but being deerskin it can mark relatively easily. I bought the satchel but returned it because I wasn't convinced about it. The hobo is a great shape and is possibly more versatile than the satchel.
  3. It really depends...I never use hobos...I like the option of carring it in my hands, not always on my shoulder. I have had my eye on the satchel for a while but already own 6 Pradas and am trying to be good. If I do purchase another bag soon it would be in the beautfiul antik cervo brown..love it. Bluefly had a couple but hard to find them truly discounted yet. Saks had a good assortment at full price of course. I think this collection will hold its style value for quite some time...some Prada is so trendy you can only really carry it for a season or two. I would prefer the satchel...
  4. Here's mine (still stuffed with tissue) and a shot on me with my stuff in it. I LOVE IT! There's rarely a day that goes by when someone doesn't comment on it.


  5. My niece has one and it's been her daily bag fall and winter--she really loves it. The shading in the color of the leather is amazing.
  6. Prada Psycho--I love, love, love your bag! Beautiful and practical. This is a great every day bag that can be worn for years.