Might be of interest to the "purple" lovers

  1. I am not sure if this is old or new...but I decided to do a random search for purple / berry coach stuff on google...

    and this came up on some random Japanese site, thought some of you would like it:

  2. I think those are from a couple years ago? Not sure. I like the berry one though. Seems like they came out before I got into Coach a year or so ago.
  3. Ohh, that is very pretty too! I actually just saw a listing for this on eBay, but it said some of the studs were falling off. That berry color is so pretty with the khaki though!
  4. Here it is from the drilldown: 8k53

  5. Oh I'm liking that !
  6. I think the site it was part of is Coachfan.com which is in Japanese...I think that origional bag looks real...but they have some scarf print hobos on that site that seem off to me. So now I don't know.

    Not planning on ordering it anyway, so I guess it doesn't matter.

  7. oh i like this color!!
  8. Fendi, I just saw your comment about spending the summer in Belmar. My cousin lives in Belmar and her husband is a police officer in Belmar. It's a beautiful area. DH and I usually go to Chadwick/Ocean Beach area, LOVE the Jersey Shore!
  9. mom2boyz had the khaki/berry one as her VERY FIRST COACH from a few years ago!!!! I was hoping she would post a pic of it if she still had it!!!!!!!
  10. The wristlet that matches that berry bag was the one of the first wristlets I got. Hopefully one day I'll get the matching tote.
  11. I love Chadwick beach!

    I usually stay there one weekend each summer with my friends' family.

    That's usually my strectch for shore for going out Belmar, Point Pleasant, Ortley and Seaside.

    I am very excited for my house rental!! We have it the whole summer so I am going every weekend, it's a big group of girls.
  12. They came out holiday of 2005. And it was more of a magenta not purple. But thanks for posting some coach eye candy.