might be inappropriate but, Mahala or Balenciaga Part-Time?

  1. I am thinking of adding somthing a bit more classic than the recent ruse that I got (which I love!), and I hope no one is offended, but can anyone weigh in on the Mahala vs the Balenciag Part-Time? I have not seen either in person as I don't live near any kind of high end boutique. I have become drawn to both styles from photos etc. If you have some thoughts please share! Thanks! :heart:
  2. If you are looking for a more structured classic bag, I would go with the a Choo bag. The Mahala is a beautiful medium sized bag that comes in lots of cool colors and skins. I have only one Balenciaga, the small le dix motorcycle, but from what I hear these bags tend to lay flat with no structure. I would say bbags are more casual and edgy...although the Mahala can look edgy too with all its zippers and rings. Get 'em both!
  3. ilove2shop, there are so many looks with Balenciaga depending on color and hardware. Same with Mahalas due to color and leathers. Love both bags but my vote is with the Mahala. I had a GH Truffle Brief and sent it back because I could not get used to the GH on me. Leather was amazing though:yes:. I ended up with two Mahalas and a Maddy.No regrets. I will revisit Balenciaga one day. Priority was Choo for me!
  4. My husband bought me the most amazing Mahala for christmas. It was a silvery/metallic white color. When I got it I noticed that the stitching left a large hole the bag - maybe a mis-stitch? Since the price was $1895, it went right back to Nordstroms. They ordered in a new one and told me that it would be a week. I could not part with the bag, so i held on the bag w/ the hole and used it. The SA said that it was going to be sent back anyway. I figured that for the price I better be sure that it is perfect. Well, after using it for 2 weeks I was so ready to return it. The straps never stayed on my shoulder properly. You will notice in many photos of stars with this bag that one strap is off their shoulder. Thats what kept happening to me. It was a shame, because it was nice ... but w/ 2 young kids it was just a nuisance. PS - the SA at Nordstrom never got me my bag - Kept telling me that it was coming. Never came and I am so happy that i didn't. It is gorgeous - just didn't work for me. I did finally find a bag that I LOVED - Balenciaga city (my 1st bbag). My Hubby purchased it in april (belated christmas bag) another in June, and another today. I am now hooked on bbags.

    I hope that this rambling message may have helped a little. Whatever bag you choose - Enjoy!!
  5. Thank you! I thought I was the Lone Ranger on this one. I mean seriously...on some of the bags the giant hardware is even a bit obscene looking. It reminds me of a Madonna video....I think it was "Vogue"? ;)

    I love the Mahala bag but next up for me is a Ramona....I know, old hat to most of you, but I love it! :heart:
  6. Bbag colors change while the styles remain unchanged. The same can be said for Ramona: she's a classic. :yes:
  7. Wow - thank-you all. There is some really great advice here. The problem for me is that I am always ordering the bag site unseen. If I could get more organized and plan ahead budget wise - I really just need to plan a flight and go somewhere that I can see these bags in person. However, as ridiculous as this sounds when spending this much money on a bag, it seems too extravagent to actually fly somewhere just to buy a handbag! ? Makes no sense I know. Anyway - I appreciate the tip on the straps because that really really does drive me nuts. I am not sure what to do yet. If anyone else wants to weigh in that would be great, I am kind of looking for something that I will reach for time and time again.