might be going to orlando disney world

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  1. does any know any discount/promos for food hotel parks etc?
    this is the first time going so i dont know anything about disney land
    i dont know if there might be hidden charges i should know about
    what are good rooms where not to go and where to go
    i think the family and me might be going around oct 14
    is that a bad time to go?
    or should i wait a little bit to get it cheaper
    any discount offers that can be saved will really help
  2. Priceline is really good for hotels if you are not picky about the exact hotel you want to stay at!!
  3. It's pricey but there are discounts to be had....

    I've been every year since 2001. Here's a good place to start - www.mousesavers.com

    If you want a forum like this one try www.disboards.com

    Good luck!
  4. Ditto! Those are the two best websites. I use them and I live in the central FL area. Don't forget the great shopping we have here, both upscale and outlet heaven. :tup:
  5. I went last November and we found that the Disney Dining Plan saved us a bit of money while also allowing us to go to all the great (but pricey) restaurants in the parks and at the hotels. I know that as of 2008 they changed the packages and what is included but you may want to look into that.

    Another tip is that if you stay at a Disney hotel you can save a lot of money on transportation- they will pick you up and drop you off at the airport (on a very nice Coach bus), and you also get to use the Disney transit system to get from your hotel to all of the different parks, etc. If you dont plan on going off of the Disney properties there is really no reason to rent a car. Have a good time!
  6. If you are going to Disney I really recommend buying your passes at Disney, the last time we went for 4 days to Disney and bought a week pass for each of us then I sold the unused of the pass on eBay for almost as much as I paid for the full week pass. I don't know if passes are still transferible, but it was a sweet deal for us 4 years ago. Also last fall I used priceline.com to book a car rental for Naples and ended up with an upgrade from a mid-size to a retro PT cruiser and it was only $15 a day! Lastly, the last time we went to Disney we got our place to stay (I think it was a timeshare by Marriot) and it was dirt cheap.

    If you are looking for restaurant deals, you might want to try restaurant.com for some gift certificates, but anyplace to eat at Disney or Universial isn't going to have a bargain deal.
  7. Thanks ! :smile:
  8. wow you are a major shopper! My only comment, is I heard that there have beens some changes to prevent ticket sharing. When I went 3 weeks ago, I was required to have my thumbprint scanned. I am assuming to make sure the ticket was mine?:shrugs: could be other reasons....

    If you really want to go cheap and have patience. You can listen to a timeshare presentation and get two tickets for your time. I did this and it worked out well.