Might be giving up on Chanel

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  1. The going price for a small coco handle right now, even for caviar leather, is $5,600 which seems high to me. With the continuous price increases and no apparent increase in quality, it's becoming harder to justify a Chanel purchase as much as I like the brand. For a couple thousand more, you can find a good quality Kelly which will last for quite a while.

    Am I the only one in this camp? I long for the days when Chanel used 24k gold plating and actually stood behind the quality of its brand. Nowadays, I gravitate more toward Hermes, Delvaux, and Moynat because their products stand the test of time and price increases are more modest.
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  2. You are not the only one ;)
  3. I'm having a mini existential crisis bc Chanel continues to be one of my fave brands in terms of aesthetics. But the facts are the facts.
  4. I only buy vintage Chanel now. New Chanel bags don't impress me. Especially the Caviar leather- it feels really plastic-like compared to old caviar.
  5. I have wanted a true navy classic for a while but when I saw one the other day, I didn't really consider buying it because of the price. After you have paid the lower prices, it's hard to pay those higher ones.
  6. I gave up on Chanel a long time ago. For those prices, I would rather buy a pre-loved Hermes, which is much better quality.
  7. I agree with all of you. I just sold my 1 year old classic medium caviar to get a vintage classic medium caviar. Why? Because i found the quality of new collection didnt look upstand for its price. I love the way Chanel did their bags with 24k plated hardware. So yes, i trade my pristine new bag in for older bag. And i feel so much happier with the bag i received. 24k plated , shiny caviar, and perfect stiches.
  8. I still love Chanel and will probably make additional purchases. I am confused as to why the Chanel bags you are purchasing do not stand the test of time? I have been purchasing Chanel for years and all of my bags are in pristine condition and all very relevant. I do agree that the price increases are not my favorite but still cheaper than a Birkin and IMO better looking (I do agree that Hermès bags are well made but I just like the look of a Chanel Classic Double flap better). I think you have to be true to your own convictions and if you decide that Chanel is no longer for you then there are more bags for the rest of us . *However I would like the price increases to slow down!
  9. Chanel is probably my favourite aesthetic wise as well... but I have hit a situation where I might not support them anymore depending on how it turns out.

    In my country black minis are on an allocation basis and I got lucky! But it had an issue with the leather so I bring it in thinking it would be a repair but they happened to have one to exhange and behold it’s got even more issues with eyelet discolouration and loose threads...
    so I was only given the option of a refund since they didn’t want to repair that...

    If I don’t get a black mini this season I am done with Chanel
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  10. I feel the same. When I go into Chanel, I still see bags that makes my heart sing in a way no other brands (including Hermes) do. But at these price points, my head is saying I should just pay more and go for Hermes instead. Maybe the solution for me is just to stop buying. :sadface:
  11. I guess I have been lucky in that regard because I have never looked at or purchased a Chanel with flaws ...
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  12. I still love Chanel, cant deny that! 2.55 or Classic Flap bags still make my heart sing everytime, but I love the quality of Chanel back then. I have seen so many flaws on Chanel 's recent release. The Caviar looks too grainy than it was before. the stiches are done bad.
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  13. Have you considered a Trendy CC? I find the lambskin on mine to be buttery soft, sturdy and at the same time I find it very luxurious and well made. It is probably my favorite Chanel bag. :heart:
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  14. I had never seen a Chanel in person, so I went to check out a tiny Chanel boutique within a department store in Minneapolis. They only had caviar available, & the dull grainy texture made it look so darn cheap. I know caviar is popular for its durability, but I think I would only consider lambskin at this point. But secondhand only due to price...
  15. What caviar bag did you see? It’s true that Chanel’s caviar leather changes from season to season and can be disappointing. But the18S caviar from this summer was truly luscious