Might be falling for a B Bag

  1. Hi , i am normally over at the hermes forum,But would like you imput into what i am pondering ... I have a blk spy ( never used) and i am sort of falling in love with the bone and patent b bag in the large for a change from my birkins ,my question is what is the quality like any probelms , is it a seasonal colour ?Are they comfy to carry and any thing else a fendi newbie might need to know ... Thanks in advance...:smile:
  2. hello, can none of you fendi girls help me...:confused1:
  3. Hi Birkin Girl, welcome over to the Fendi neck of the woods! I have a medium B. Bag in black leather with patent trim. The quality is fabulous! I think the bone and black is a gorgeous combo! I can't speak on what it feels like to carry the large bag, but the medium is fine to carry. Getting in and out of it is a little awkward though because the buckles are pretty heavy and sometimes it can be hard to snap close if I'm just juggling it in my hand and can't sit it down on anything. So definitely not an everyday bag for me, but it is oh so stylish!! Let us know if you decide to get one!
  4. ^^^ I so agree. I'm thinking about getting my second B-bag. Definitely getting in and out is trickly, not overly difficult when you get used to it, but it's a pain if you only have one hand free.

    That said, I still love my B-bag. I really like the bone and patent black one, but I think my next one might be the blueberry and black patent. :drool:
  5. I have the medium tan & black patent leather trim one. I am not a big bag kind of girl and this bag seems big and heavy. But it's such lovely bag and I get compliments on it all the time.
  6. Phew.. i thought i was on my own there!!! thanks guys am going in tomorrow to have a look... will let you know...:yes:
  7. I just bought a medium sized Fendi Buckle Bag its the Black Patent with orange piping and I loves it. Totally elegant and stylish. :yes:
  8. Omg J, I didn't know the blueberry and black patent is going to be in the B-Bag..:sweatdrop: :drool: . Ohhhh I am in trouble! I can't wait to see pic of this baby. Have anyone seen this bag anywhere?:confused1:
  9. OMG you have my absolute dream Fendi B Bag. :drool:
  10. I really like the b bag.
  11. D - This bag is absolutely gorgeous!!! I saw a picture in a magazine. Elux has it in the small style in the picture. I can't tell you how HOT HOT HOT it is in the medium b-bag. I think I'm going to be a MUCHO TROUBO with HUBBO. :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:
    Elux Blue Black Bbag.jpg
  12. I just had heart palpitations when I saw that bag. GORGEOUS!!!
  13. Birkin girl, I don't own a b bag personally (but am currently eyeing one, so I've walked into three boutiques in a span of three weeks to go fiddle and model bags, LOL) and I can definitely vouch for the comfort of the b bag. I think because the chain is not resting on your shoulder it makes it much more comfortable. :yes: HTH!
  14. Thanks guys , just got a cyclamin birkin today and was about to look at the fendi section when i got a call to say my daughter was unwell in school and could i come and get her so had to leave without looking... will be in next week maybe it was fate....