might be a stupid question...

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  1. i wasnt sure whether to post this in the authentication section or just the general but...i noticed while looking at bags on ebay that some chanel flaps have a line down the middle on the bottom while others are just the same piece of leather going across the bottom? i feel silly asking but i dont know who else to ask! Thanks :biggrin:
  2. maxi does not have line and jumbo does if i am talking about what i think you are talking about....
  3. Different sizes have different bottoms.
    I'm pretty sure jumbos are the only classic flaps with a line down the middle. M/L, minis, and maxi's do not. I don't know anything about reissues/2.55's, but I'm pretty sure they have a horizontal crease along the bottom not a line where the fabric meets.
  4. yes i was talking about where it looks like the leather meets at the middle at the bottom of the bag...never took into consideration of that size differences! Thank you :smile: