Might be a dumb question....

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  1. I have bought a ton of headbands over the last couple of years. I have the stretchy kind, not the plastic.

    How the heck do you keep them from flying off your head like a rubber band?

    I tried bobby pins but that looks dumb. I can only wear them when I have a low pony tail or my hair down. I prefer to wear my hair up in a messy bun with them.

    They are really popular now, but I just can't keep them on. Any suggestions?

  2. I'd like to know too! I've tried bobby pins also, but they don't seem to hold the band tight enough.
  3. I always look like an idiot in a headband, so I have no pointers other than to ask if you are pinning from the backside of the band? That should be enough to hold it unless you have very thin hair. The other thing that might help is to spray the area you are going to pin with just enough hairspray to thicken it before you try pinning, even back-comb a little in those spots, just to give the pin something to hold onto.
    Actually, the other thing I would recommend for the same look(and I DO wear these here and there) are silk or even polyester scarves. The longer kind that you may have to wrap twice. I find that these hold in my hair pretty well, and give a punch of color, especially if I am wearing something a little bland. That way, since they are not stretchy, you can adjust how tightly they are worn.