Might be a dumb question but it's a question

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  1. A couple years ago I bought the Speedy Monogram 30. Loved it. But since then I can't tell you how many people I have seen with bag. I know it's not a limited bag but I like carring/having bags that I haven't seen almost everyone carry. The handles are about a tan color and I would like to exchange it for a Damier or if push comes to shove Azur Speedy 30. ANy suggestions where to start? I know we can't sell bags here and I am following that. I just want reccommendations from fellow TPFers about where to go to trade my bag.
  2. I think your only choices really are a consignment shop or ebay. Just make sure you're ready to sell it though because though it seems too common now if you get rid of it you might miss it. You can always buy it back though if you want! You can probably get a good amount for it on ebay especially if you have the receipt, etc. Good luck deciding!
  3. ebay would be a good choice ? remember take clear pics to attract buyers.
  4. I had great luck with craigslist selling my monogram speedy 25. Got six replies on the first day alone and felt I got a good amount of $ for it. Good luck!