Might be a dumb question but... (heritage stripe related)

  1. I desperately require the small pink heritage stripe tote, but I don't see it on the site -- how is everyone getting this?? Did I just miss it? Thanks in advance, I don't usually impulse buy but if I can get my hands on this in any way I will probably have to!

    (Also, I heard a rumor about new sunglass styles coming out really soon -- any word on what they look like and when?)

    Sorry if these questions have already been asked -- I forum searched but didn't really see anything that seemed likely to help, all I saw were pics that made me want it, lol. All I know is I want that bag! :/
  2. Just Call Coach at 1-800-223-8647 and order it.

    The Large is 11351
    The Medium is 11350
    The small is 11349

    Even though they are not in stores yet, they are available to order.
    Just call and place your order and they will ship it to you.
  3. Awesome! Thanks so much. I was going mad trying to figure out how everyone had them! :biggrin:

    So I'll just call and order one and then I'll maybe get a pair of sunglasses and then I am banned from Coach for a very very very long time but it will be so worth it!!