Might be a daft question but

  1. anyone????
  2. I have two bags that I've purchased from the Shepton Factory store and neither of them have this 00 printing on the label. I wonder if it's to do with bags that have been made up especially for the outlets? My Ayler was a past season bag that presumably didn't sell in the stores. The bronze Bayswater was marked as "sub" on the paper hanging label but I think all the bronze bags went straight to the outlets so they were all subs and there was no marking on the bag itself.

    I'm sure someone will be able to answer your question soon....
  3. I wondered about that aswell, but my claret araline is from an outlet and that doesnt have any letters printed on it. Its a mystery!

    Also, you see some on eBay with the mulberry label crossed out - what does that mean?
  4. hulahoop - I think I read on here that if the Mulberry label has been cut or crossed out, it means that the bag has been bought as scrap by a staff member for, like, £1. The bag didn't pass the quality control or something.
  5. Yes it is to do with quality control it means the bag has either been returned to Mulberry by a customer within the year warranty and can not be resold or it can not be put out for resale in the first place due to there being a fault or the likes.
  6. Thanks! Its nice of them to mention the fault in their eBay listing isnt it?!
  7. actually mulberrylove thats not strictly true , can be shop soiled . also things like joels , the straps go and mulberry just put new straps on , the customer gets a brand new bag.
  8. :yes: So what i said is true i just didn't detail everything that could be wrong with a bag but the customer does get a new bag as they are covered by a 1 year warranty and the returned bag can not be resold in a Mulberry shop etc
  9. I once bought a Giselle and that had two little letters on the tag and Mulberry told me it was to tell them which season it was from
  10. yes the two little letters on the tag are the date codes .Mulberrylove they don't have to have faults , thats the bit thats not strictly true !
  11. When did they stop doing this embossing? I was given a vintage bag with letters that corresponded to my initials and loved the coincidence.

    Mulberry is quirky.
  12. The scored or cut through labels are different to the 00 bags. Mulberry advised me that the scored through have never been in the shops, they failed quality control in the factory and are subsequently sold to staff for £1 as scrap. That also goes for the older ones that can be stamped with Sub inside, more commonly seen on wallets and rarely on bags. The 00 bags are generally customer returns, where for example, a stud may have come off, and has been replaced by Mulberry but will not be resold in their main stores. Other customer returns may not be stamped at all.
  13. Thanks JazzyJay, so the '00' ones are all customer returns then? Do you know what sort of price would these be sold at in the outlet? Are they the same price as previous seasons bags, or less? I only ask because Ive seen quite a few of them on eBay recently.
  14. I have full clarification on this now from Mulberry in Shepton Mallet. All 00 stamped bags are ones that have been put out on sale in their factory shop as "damaged goods" they are sold for 50% off retail price they are bags that have been returned by customers (the 00 bags are not covered by the Mulberry warranty) hope this helps