Might actually be able to get a Mono Mizi!! Need opinions!!!

  1. Hi everyone!!
    I might actually be able to get my coveted Mono Mizi bag!!! :yahoo:But then of course, after that I'm purse banned for a loooooong time.. :Push: but just a matter of opinion, I'm about 5'1'' and 115 pounds.. will the bag look too big on me?? I think I mght even be able to fit it on my shoulder, as I can fit my Klara on it.. but then of course, the straps are longer. :sweatdrop: I really really like/want/need this bag!!! :graucho: But I wanted to ask for your opinions. :shrugs:
  2. anyone??
  3. It is a stunning bag ...I tried it on in mono canvas and from the mono vienna range and loved it but of course I purchased the klara instead as I thought the size was too big:s I love the interior ..isn't it was a hand-held design only. If you adore it and will use it then go for it:choochoo:
  4. Get it! I don't think it will look too big and besides everyone should have at least one slightly oversized bag, I really don't ever think bags look too big on people.... unless you're carrying a keepall as your purse...
  5. Its a gorgeous bag!
  6. I think if you have a chance to get one, GET IT!!!:yes: BUT, even though it may fit on your shoulder, it won't be comfortable to wear as a shoulder bag. Also, on your frame it will look a bit large but not ridiculously huge, KWIM?
  7. i think this bag is beautiful and if you like big bags, then why not? does the klara work as a shoulder bag? is it much smaller? is it too similar to the mizi? i don't know...

  8. If you love the bag, GET IT !!! I think it will look great on you :smile:
  9. love love LOVE this bag - If you have the opportunity, get it!
    :heart: :heart: :heart:
  10. grab one while you can!.... if it isn't what you'd hoped for, you can always sell it on eBay. this is a very popular style and im sure there's a lot who would love to have it :yes:
  11. GET IT!!! You helped me decide to get mine so I must return the favor.LOL:cutesy: I also have the Mono Klara but it can be small at times. So now that I am getting the Mizi all my stuff will fit perfectly!:biggrin: Sooooo get it get it get it!hehe :happydance:
  12. If you love it, get it. =)
  13. totally get it! i would love to have to mizi if i could just find one.:sad: were you able to get the one on let-trade?
  14. Get the bag! I don't think the bag is too big at all.
  15. Well, big bags are kinda in trend now and more practical to use anyway... ;)