MIF SLGs *not* sold in France?

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  1. Hello team!
    I just left Bon Marche in Paris after trying to buy a Zippy Organizer. I would have bought it, except that I am a snob and wanted it MIF.
    The SA said they do not sell MIF SLG in Paris.
    This does not sound right. Is this true?
  2. Where are they made?

    Would seem like a waste of money shipping them in from elsewhere in the world!
  3. I'm
    Buying that
  4. It's probably made in Spain. I think they outsourced it there as Spain and Italy are bigger on leather than France. Instead of importing it into France they have factories there. Like Chanel makes their jumbos in Italy now bc of the leather..... I Don't know how I feel about it all but it's better than coming from Timbuktu I suppose..
  5. I just bought several items in Paris last week. All were made in France except my wallet which was MIS.
  6. Some SLGs are ONLY made in Spain.
  7. I was just in Paris a week ago. I bought an epi Clemence from LV on the Champs-Elysées and it is MIF. I think that SA was perhaps hoping you would just go ahead and buy whatever she had in stock.
  8. That sounds right!
  9. Well i immediately bounced off to Galleries Lafayette and asked the SA there- she only had Made in Spain. I'll try Avenue Montaigne tomorrow morning. Maybe they'll be less busy.

    And yes, all I saw were made in spain.
  10. Most of the wallets in regular collections are MIS. You may not have a choice in the end. Good luck on your hunt! That's half the fun! And a great way to visit Paris!
  11. My wallet is Made in France and I bought it in Germany which is not too far away from Paris, it sounds strange that they had no MIF SLG's in the Paris stores.
  12. I purchased a couple of cles as gifts for family in Paris and Rome, and they were all MIF. I wonder if it depends on the particular piece?
  13. The SLGs I bought in Paris last year, only my Emilie was made in Spain. The Sarah, cles, pocket organizer, and the makeup pouch were all made in France. Hmmmm... :thinking: I, too, think it may depend on the particular piece.
  14. I was in Paris a couple of months ago and my friend got a Zippy wallet and it was made in Spain.
  15. This is probably why...I've seen plenty of MIF slg's in Europe. And there are also MIF and MIS slg's in the US. Sometimes I think it's SA's giving bad info so you can just buy the item.