MIF from the website?

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  1. I am in the final planning phases of my pre price increase attack on LV :biggrin: I want to get the DA Neverfull but my SA said that all that they ever seem to get into the store are the USA ones. I have no problem with the USA ones my Totally proudly wears the cloth tag I just want to try to get a MIF so I was wondering what do you think the chances are of getting a MIF off the website? I believe that the warehouse is in NJ, do you think the stores get their stock from the same place? Just curious! Thx
  2. I know it's almost next to impossible getting one at the store. (I tried for over a year to get a mono NF GM)
    The warehouse is in NJ and they make the USA ones in San Dimas, Ca.
    So who know..
    I would give it a shot. Sorry, not much help!
    I wish you lots of luck! :smile:
  3. Honestly, very hard to find without the cloth tag. I wish they would atkeast stamp it USA and get rid of the cloth tag
  4. Not very good, unfortunately. It's still a great bag, though!
  5. I bought the DA and DE NF's recently online and both were MIU.
  6. i just got the speedy b 35 de this past week from the website and it was mif, but also got a nf and it was miu. i think it's very hit or miss.
  7. It's very difficult to get any of the canvas pieces to be made in France. I hope you can score your MIF pieces GL :smile:
  8. I can just imagine a reseller selling new canvas MIF pieces at a premium. Honestly, couldn't someone who lives in Europe purchase MIF canvas pieces at the LV boutique and sell them to those of us who live in the US?
  9. I ordered my NF last November on the LV.com site, and got a Made in Spain! So it's not impossible to get a heatstamp NF on the website. :smile:
  10. Thank you everyone. I will keep you posted on my success (trying to think positive here!)
  11. The other day I saw my favorite Japan seller selling a New NF GM MIF for more than I could buy one brand new..
    I think they are getting the hint they can take advantage of us poor US girls that want MIF.
  12. i was told online purchase shipped from NJ mostly MIU
  13. There are some that I've noticed do this already. Usually half of what milan_station_hk sells is new, priced around retail and MIF. I've purchased two bags from them in the past that were MIF and authenticated here. The only thing that I don't like about them is that they used the same photos for multiple listings. When you are having a bag authenticated through listing photos, it's hard to get a proper authentication when the key things that they are looking at are not from the actual bag. I just had the bags looked at again with photos that I took of the bags after I received them.
  14. I got my mono GM neverfull from the Atlantic City NJ store around December :smile: I didn't even ask the just brought out a bag from the back and when I checked, MIF!
  15. Very lucky! Congrats:biggrin: