1. i dont have any kids yet and i dont have any plans to have children for atleast 5 years but i got talking with my mother and my pregnant friend about midwives.

    with my friends first birth there was a trainee midwife who was 23 and didnt have kids and didnt like kids very much, my friend thought she was patronising and asked for her to leave. which i dont think is unreasonable.

    my mother believes that the best midwives are older and have kids themselves, this means they can relate to your situation better.

    i wondered what some of the TPF mommys views were on this, would you rather have a midwife who was a mother herself?
    or do you think it doesnt make any difference?
  2. I would prefer that the midwife had experienced childbirth. A woman doesnt need to have given birth to be knowledgable & help you through the process, but it's comforting to know that they have/had been in your shoes before. My L&D nurse was very unsympathetic. I cant remember what I asked her but while I was dying in pain she told me she had scheduled c-sections with both of her kids so she never "Had to go through what I was going through" Thanks a lot.
  3. yes! Just like my OB, I want someone w/ a lot of experience, in real life and w/ deliveries and care!
  4. i agree that i would prefer that my drs have experience, but i also recognize that all drs/midwives need to start somewhere. with my first child, i permitted a resident to accompany my dr in my checkups and the birth of my child. he was grateful, but completely horrified. so, if you have a dr/midwife who is 'new' to their practice, make sure that they are working with others who have experience. i don't think it's fair to completely dismiss someone just because they are starting out- you could miss out on a wonderful physician.

    and, always, if you aren't comfortable with your caregiver, CHANGE caregivers. you should always be comfortable with the physicians you see.
  5. I had a midwife who was in her 50s and had 2 children (I think). Even though she was a little long-winded during some of my visits I'm glad she had experience. The important thing though, was that she had delivered HUNDREDS of babies before mine.
  6. Oftentimes it helps if someone has had similar experiences to you to really sympathize with what you're going through. I can relate much better to what my patients are talking about now that I've had children. Doesn't necessarily mean I didn't care before; it's just that my eyes have been opened!
  7. Honestly when it comes to the actual birth I could not care less who shows up (just get it over with!) but during the pregnancy I think it helps to have someone who understands what you are experiencing. I guess if the midwife is really well trained and sympathetic then it would not really matter if she herself had children, though that couldn't hurt.