Midwest/South tPF meeting (Dallas? OKC? St. Louis?)

  1. Anyone in the Midwest or the South wanna meet up? I know I'm not the only one down here! Granted I'm in Arkansas but I'd drive to St. Louis or Dallas!

  2. I can drive to Dallas- but dont know my way around. LOL!
  3. Dallas! :tup:
  4. I could do a weekend Dallas trip... :graucho: :sneaky:
  5. We need something in Dallas!!!!!! Come on girls!
  6. Dallas works for me. What type of meeting do we want to have?
  7. Just a shopping get-together, maybe at the San Marcos outlets or something? It'd have to be a Saturday or a Sunday... preferably a Sunday really, as I always seem to work at Coach Saturdays...
  8. I say lets do that! :party:
  9. I'm all about a meet up! I work mostly weekends but with enough notice I can get a day off! There are plenty of places to meet up in Dallas, that's for sure! NorthPark has a Legacy/Flagship store and the SA's are really nice!
  10. I am also in Dallas!
  11. Hmmm... is there an LV in Dallas? I'm clueless about it.
  12. Yes its in the Dallas Galleria... there is also a gucci there
  13. San Marcos outlets aren't really in/near Dallas so much:nogood:
  14. Yeah, I think we'd stick with the Galleria... mmmm, LV and Gucci!
  15. LV and Gucci are even on the same floor. I remember going between the two of them when I could not figuare out which bag I wanted. There is a Coach store in the Galleria also and the SA's are fantastic but the boutique itself is small.