Midweek reveal thanks to my stellar SA: Bronze Snake Caroline!

  1. That is THE most stunning bag!! Congrats to you!!
  2. I am like a giddy school girl everytime I see your reveals! I live vicariously through your reveals! They make my dull and boring work day fabulous and fun! I am so grateful you reveals and you do such lovely modeling pics! What a unique handbag that is, the coloring is just stunning! You wear it well, enjoy!
  3. Wow, Congratulations!
  4. Gorgeous bag! Looks great on you. Congrats & enjoy!
  5. Beautiful Bag ! Congrats!
  6. Gosh, these Carolines are sooooo addictive, as soon as you get one little pretty another one is on the back of your mind.
  7. Wow, the bronze snake Caroline is absolutely gorgeous! Congrats!!
  8. Will do!
  9. Whoa! That's stunning! Is that gold color accenting on the tips of each scale?

    Congrats on your new beauty. It looks great on you!
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    Yes! Can you believe it. The color changes at the tip of each flake. SOOOO detailed. I have her with me today! I'll post the pix from my mobile phone.

    Oh, and to the ladies who asked, there is no "sparkle" to the leather. However, the tips of each flake are silver/shiny but no specks of silver or gold like in the Lailas.
  11. Here she is!
  12. Beautiful! Enjoy!
  13. This will be my last post as my drool will soon render my keyboard useless. Enjoy her!!
  14. wow i love every little detail on this bag. and the bright pink lining is TDF!
  15. I really like that one, great pop of color in the lining too!