Midnight Ursula Elise: Available anywhere?

  1. I waited for this bag to go on sale at a good price, but now I can't find it anywhere. If you've seen it recently, please let me know! :yes:
  2. Yeah, that bag was scarce when it was being sold everywhere. Your best bet would be to call Marc Jacobs.
  3. All Ursula Elises are very hard to find nowadays The last time I saw Midnight Elise was the beginning of this year at Neiman Marcus. Most stores sold out relatively quick, I remember reading members getting theirs from MJ store in Vegas back then. Nordstrom's buyers didn't get any Patent Elises.

    Would you be interested in Quilted Non-Patent Elises? They are back for Spring 2006. I am told that they will come in Black, Almond, Topaz, White Chiffon, etc. For more information, check the Resort 2006 thread.