Midnight/Pewter Matinee


Matinee in Midnight/Pewter

  1. Love it

  2. Me No Likey

  3. Another Color

  4. Wait till Fall 08

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  1. Ok Ladies......I'm seriously craving a Matinee.....I love the tassels, so the new ones (although gorgeous) just don't have the same appeal to me.

    What are your honest thoughts???? Love it, Hate it....Another color?????

    I do know Rebecca mentioned she'd be bringing back the tassels again....maybe I should *gasp* wait?????!!!! :wtf: Now there's a concept we all know and hate!!!!!:lol:
  2. Ah Contessa, you know I'm impatient as all getout so no, waiting is not an option!

    My personal favorite is the black with black suede accents and silver HW (the same one poor madaboutdarcy is stalking....don't worry, I'm not trying to find myself one). I guess the thing that keeps me from jumping all over this bag is that I don't like the way it looks when the "wings" are extended.

    (Running for cover) Don't hate me for saying that!
  3. :lol:

    I appreciate your honesty!!! Love it as a matter of fact. :heart:

    Yep...that midnight/black suede would be perfect......if it was available!!!
  4. Can I vote for "all of the above"? While I like it, there are other colors I prefer over it. I think Matinee looks best in something bright (says the girl who has one in dark grey, but whatever). Either get an older one or wait for the new stuff to come out (OR BOTH).
  5. ^Mockinglee is wise. I would listen to her advice, contessa!

    PS: I do like the suede one though!
  6. I think the Midnight & Pewter Matinee is my favorite so far, even better than the Dark Grey Morning After! Oh no! I have to take that back, I cannot pick a fave out of my babies!
  7. I love this bag. I saw in Nordstrom and thought it was very eye-catching. Were they ever available in the MA size? I've seen them in the MAM. I would prefer the MA for my needs.
  8. Love it, girl! :smile: Can't wait to see pics!
  9. I think that the matinee is really made (or unmade) by it's color combination. And midnight/pewter is one of the colors that really make the matinee a striking bag. For whatever reason, it just doesn't hold the same appeal to me in the MA shape. It could be some time before RM brings back the tassels -so you have to ask yourself, punk...how long are you gonna wait??? (Sorry, I couldn't resist the Dirty Harry reference!)
  10. Go ahead, BUY THE BAG! Hey contessa-poo, even your avatar is telling you the right thing to do!
  11. I bought the midnight/pewter Matinee when it was on sale at Delcinas-- and I LOVE it. I was looking for a unique black bag and this one fits the bill perfectly. The pullback flaps just add that extra "oomph" when you want your bag to stand out! Oh, and the leather is fantastic. Believe it or not, even my dad, who is totally clueless about handbags, touched it and went, Ooooh!