Midnight/Pewter Matinee LUXE! PICS!!!

  1. Ok....my Midnight/Pewter Matinee arrived tonight and it's gorgeous!

    The leather is YUMMY to the MAX! It's the softest handbag I own to-date. The pewter flaps add a rocker-edge to this bag together with the silver hardware.

    From some of the descriptions of the Matinee around here, I was expecting a GIANT, but I have to say the size is PERFECT. It fits comfortably over my shoulder and because it's SO soft, it's incredibly comfy to wear.

    Anyways....I cannot rave about this bag enough....I need a glass of wine. The smell, the "smoosh factor"....the rocker-chic......I'm in :heart:


  2. Yum! The leather looks so glossy. It RAWKS.
  3. Wow...I love her. My next purchase will be a matinee- I just have to decide which one. I was set on the grey and then I fell in love with the wine, and the berry, and now yours looks so beautiful. Choices and tough decisions. I can't wait for the influx of the spring bags and the next sample sale. I am determined to wait for a good deal...but ohhh I'm weak.
  4. Congratulations Contessa! I'm so glad you like it (after all you went through to get it!) See why I kept mine! The black leather is amazing, isn't it? It's hard to describe, but utterly fantastic! I gets softer with use, too.
    I'm mostly keeping my flaps down, not feeling too rocker chic lately!
    And I agree about the size. It doesn't feel all that big to me.
  5. WOO HOO! Congratulations Contessa! Wear her in good health! She is almost as gorgeous as her owner!
  6. Contessa... she is gorgeous! :smile: Doesn't the matinee just rock? :smile:
  7. Contessa, she is GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! totally love love love it!! :woohoo:
  8. Wooo hoooo! HOT HOT HOT!!
  9. yaaay! just like mine, what a beauty
  10. Beautiful! :heart:
  11. I love this! What a gorgeous bag! Congrats on scoring this beauty. How about some modeling pics? :p
  12. Gorgeous!! I want one now too :sad:
  13. Congrats! I know you'll love it. Mine has gotten softer over time. BTW, how does the leather compare to BE leather? Is the BE leather thicker, thinner? I still want to buy the black crash sometime this year because I love the love me style.

    I've noticed a lot of us on the forum have that combo in the matinee. Must be a reason, right?
  14. Contessa, congratulations!!! It's gorgeous!!!
  15. Congrats! :woohoo: Gorgeous bag! Can we have some modeling pics, pretty pls? :girlsigh: