Midnight or Black gathered?

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  1. I wanted everyday color bag so I am undecided between Midnight (silver hw) or Black gathered (gold hw) Sophia?

  2. Oh that is difficult...I have both and I use both in the day.
  3. Black!
  4. black with GH.
  5. Both!! :smile: I couldn't decide either and ended up with both. I just couldn't choose!! I think that the black and gold is a little more dressy. Where the navy and silver is more casual. But I've found that they are both amazing bags.
  6. I am not really a blue person, so it's an easy decision for me. I love the black one! I think it's so classy and gorgeous.
  7. I choose midnight. I really like the black but I wish it had the silver HW.
  8. Midnight! I love, love, love Blue!
  9. Totally agree with it! If possible, keep them both.:smile:
  10. Black gathered for sure!
  11. Love the Black, with GH.
  12. Black!
  13. Black gets my vote, it's more dressy.
  14. Both! But if that's not possible, I vote for black. It's classic and will go with everything. I love mine!!
  15. Midnight! I might be biased because I have it lol. I think it's unusual to see a deep, dark blue as an every day bag and it's a nice change from black. But if you can, keep both! They are the same bag... but totally different :smile:

    Edited to add: I just reread your original post and you said you were looking for a color bag, so definitely midnight ^_^