Midnight Oak steal!!

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  1. I was more than excited to see this baby sitting by itself at Dillards for 65% off with another 40% .... making it $68 and change! I also picked up the accessories for a song too.

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  2. I saw this on clearance at Macy's. It's a beautiful color but I WANT that coin purse. How adorable is that? Love the checkered wallet too. All of it is just cool. Wow, I need a raise and a reprieve from my ban. Nice stuff!
  3. Congrattttttts. Tht is a steal
  4. WOW!!!! Great find and the smalls are awesome too!!!
  5. Awesome deal! Congrats!
  6. My mouth just hit the keyboard! That is most def. a steal! Congrats you scored big!!! Love love love the coin purse, too cute!
  7. Omg, wow! That is quite a steal!!! I paid almost $100 more at the outlet! Congrats!
  8. Holy cow!! Congrats!!
  9. Very nice! That's a steal! The other accessories are cute as well. Enjoy! :smile:
  10. WOW! You ROBBED them! Great deal! :nuts:
  11. Awesome score on Midnight Oak Phoebe! Gotta love Dillards extra clearance! The smalls are very pretty, but I really love the cognac zippy wallet.

    Congrats!! :smile:
  12. That's awesome!!! Congrats to you on a great deal! Love it all!
  13. Great deal! Congrats!
  14. Wow, that is amazing!!! Yay for a GREAT deal on a beautiful bag!!
  15. That is a SPANKIN' deal! Congrats - it's beautiful color.

    Love that fox coin purse, too! Do you mind if I ask what brand it is? Thanks in advance! :smile: