Midnight Mabel

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  1. Hi all - can you help with some thoughts on this bag please?
    It's the one colour I haven't managed to see IRL. Is it a blue or a purple tone????
    If my creaky old memory serves me, Kerilynn had one, didn't she?
  2. it's a lovely purple colour,
  3. Hmmmm - what are you up to Sarajane??? Thought you wanted red??

    Watch out - it's the handbag patrol!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL:roflmfao::roflmfao::roflmfao:

    Actually, I love the midnight and tend to think it might be very versatile!
  4. Oh poo - can't slide anything past you Kroquet!! Thought as it was quiet & no-one seemed to be around, I might get away with it!
    I'm thinking about the possibility of midnight instead of red. Much as I love the red I thought midnight might be more flexible (and there's one available!)
  5. I think the midnight would be very versatile, maybe more so than red! Go for it!! Just couldn't resist giving you a bit of a hard time!!!
  6. Wonderful colour and probably easier to carry than the red? The midnight has a nice purple hue that makes it special - go for it!
  7. Out of the two, I prefer the red. However, I think I will get more use out of the purple bag. It goes with alot more of my clothes and seems a bit more battered and usable (if this makes sense)
  8. The leather on the red is a hundred times nicer than on the midnight, imvho. The midnight is antiqued leather (ie a bit scratched) whereas the red is soft goat and gorgeous.

    This is obviously just my opinion. I love the colour of the midnight mabel but I know that the leather would drive me mad. I probably wouldn't be quite so vocal if it was someone else that asked the question but I have a feeling that you might feel the same way, sj :yes:

    Hold out for the red :tup:
  9. Ah Dita, the voice of reason! That was what I thought - the midnight is antiqued leather isn't it & the red is goatskin. Don't think antiqued & I would get along, so think it's going to have to be the red. Just need one to pop up in the outlets now!
  10. John Lewis, in Aberdeen or Nottingham had them last week for £450. It costs £7.75 for Special next day delivery...
    I think I love my Midnight Mabel but really love the red one!!
    If you want to give me a mo, I'll photo them together for you..
  11. I think all the JL ones are gone now :crybaby:I was going to get one but had a problem with my c/c - the number wouldn't go through, turned out the card was faulty.
    A pic of the two would be fab, thanks! :flowers:
  12. hi I think the red is showing a little brighter because of the flash but I have to say after getting them both out, the red holds it shape alot better!!
  13. Oh Rachiem - thanks so much! Love the colour of the midnight but Ditab's right, I'd be happier with the goatskin. Red Mabel it is!!
  14. Definately the best choice!! Hope you can find one soon..