Midnight Color for Spring??

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  1. I recently got a Midnight Teri through my Nordstrom SA, who matched the NM event. I received her yesterday and I am very pleased with it. I feel like this is the everyday bag I have been looking for. The size, the leather, the compartments, everything is just perfect. However, I just want to see what you ladies think of the color Midnight. Would this work during the Spring/Summer or is it too dark/heavy?? I know there are other colors such as the poppy and grass but I really want something versatile that I can use through the Fall/Winter as well. Any thoughts on this bag and the color??? Any help would be appreciated :smile:

  2. I can't answer your question, guess it depends on what you wear. I tend to wear alot of red, blue and white, maybe lime greens in the summer so it would work for me.

    Just wanted to say, the bag is very pretty and I love the hue of the navy.
  3. ^I wear lighter colors in the summer such as white, light pink, blue, etc.

    Thanks Diva! I love the color too but just wasn't sure if it's versatile enough.
  4. I think when set against whites, yellows, & bright greens the bag will really stand out, in a good way! Sounds like a great bag that can work any season!
  5. im not usually a fan of the mbmj bags, but i love the midnight teri. the midnight color itself is gorgeous. its a nice indigo-ish/navy and i think its very do-able color for the spring/summer.
  6. The midnight Teri is gorgeous and perfect for Spring IMO! It is such a rich color that will look stunning against your spring/summer whites, yellows, oranges an greens! The midnight was my second choice and probably would have been my first if I had not just purchased a blue Sissi Rossi bag! I think you will be really happy with how versatile it is for any season! :tup:
  7. inspiration (i hope) :flowers: ...
  8. Look at you! You're gonna ROCK!
  9. You ladies are tooo awesome! I knew I came to the right place for some reassurance. I am even more excited now to wear my Midnight Teri!:yahoo:

    Sep --- Thanks for the pictures. You've definitely inspired me! Those dresses are AMAZING! I especially love the yellow and the blue ones. Are they from Shopbop?
  10. I agree I think the navy is perfectly fine for spring. It is softer than black, but still a great neutral.
  11. I plan on wearing her year round. I'm not usually a navy person, but the gold/navy combo is outstanding!
  12. I have the Teri in carbon blue and like the cotton lining for summer.

    The navy is a fantastic year around color. I don't do blacks, so navy is my basic neutral.
  13. I agee with everyone that navy works really well for spring. That Midnight shade is fantastic, and will work so well against pastels and bright shades. I think you'll find it will go with so much and it's so crisp and polished looking, as my mother would say. :smile:
  14. your bag is beautiful and will match well if you wear light colored clothing. i think it provides a nice contrast.