Midnight Blue Vs. Black Rocco

  1. I'm thinking of buying a Rocco and am torn between the midnight blue and black. There haven't been any modeling shots of the blue..... any thoughts? I already have a black YSL and a anthra (blueish) Celine so could go either way.
  2. Get midnight! I have both (Sorry, havent had the time to post shots of it) and I love the blue! I find the color very versatile- it can sometimes look black depending on lighting and as a bonus, it is my most complimented rocco :smile:
  3. Good question! I bought a black Rocco last December and I love it to pieces, though if I had waited I think I might have sprung for the midnight! (I'm a sucker for dark blue/ purple/ almost black-looking bags.) I think it might come down to the hardware, since the Black has brass hardware, while the Midnight has silver...do you have a particular hardware preference?? I personally think both are gorgeous, and that you can't go wrong with either one.

    But also, I'm not sure how familiar you already are with Alexander Wang, but some of the Black Roccos have had some problems (including mine), with the piping in particular. It rubs off, and there has been denim transfer on mine. I'd imagine denim transfer wouldn't be so much of an issue with the Midnight color, but then again since it's a new color, we can't really know for sure.

    Sorry I feel like this reply wasn't helpful at all! But even though I've had the piping/fading/rubbing issue with my Rocco, I don't regret buying it and I still adore it.
  4. I have read that happens with black roccos, but never realized it's denim transfer. I wonder how the blue would wear?