Midnight Blue or Ivory Quilted Patent Ursula

  1. Hello everyone,

    I don't own any MJ bags, but I do like the Ursula. I've got an offer for a brand new, authentic one at $1500, either in midnight blue or ivory. Is that the usual retail, better, or should I offer another price instead?

    There's also a large dark brown Betty going for $2200. Is that ok?

    Pardon the ignorance, ladies!! Thanks for any input!
  2. Oops. Sorry. I just realised that the Betty is a Chloe. Will post in the other sub-forum.
  3. $1500 would be quite a bit above retail actually. The Ursula patent quilted bowler retails for $1075 (the large version) or $975 (the smaller version). The lobster red (only available in small) and moss green colors were put on sale at most places and are probably still available. Someone please correct me if I got the prices mixed up here.
  4. i think the ursula bowlers are now on sale for ~$750. $1500 is WAY above retail, and they are not as popular as the stam to have going above retail justified.
  5. Yes, you can find them even lower than that... I have a black bowler on hold at Nordies in Chicago for $600 something and it will be even more money off on the 1st day of their anniversary sale.
  6. Can anyone tell me when the anniversary sale starts?
  7. i think it starts july 14th
  8. Thanks for the input, ladies!! I will pass on the bag in this case.