Midnight Blue - Botkier Bombay Hobo - Pics!

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  1. YEAH! I was so excited today! I have been lusting after a Botkier Bombay Tall Hobo and never could find any on sale (for some reason I always like bags from a few seasons ago!) Anyhow, I was thinking about renting one from Bag Borrow Steal and then I read people's opinions here on tpf and decided against it. BBS did have the Bombay Hobo in a deep midnight blue and it was awesome! (I wear blue jeans and black tshirts all the time and had been looking for a blue bag.)

    Anyhow, I really never go on eBay, but I went that night, searched for the name and lo and behold, there was a BIN price of $299 for the midnight blue Bombay Hobo! I freaked out!

    Anyhow it arrived today and I truly do love it, although it is a lighter blue than I expected. It is a dark teal, but it is such an unusual color I love it anyway!

    Thanks to the ladies who gave me their opinion on Botkier leather. I'd seen the current season's bags and thought the leather was a little stiff. This bag is NOT soft glove leather but it's a strong, sturdy leather that should last a long time....(or until the next purse calls me!)

    I have over 12 bags now...maybe I should start shooting pics of all of them and posting my collection!

    Here is a pic of my new baby! The Kooba is going in the closet!

    PS - The eBay seller was Designer Exchange and she had some awesome bags. I received my package two days after purchasing it! I'd definitely buy from her again.
  2. Beautiful color!! I love this style. Congrats!
  3. Great bag!
  4. That's a really pretty blue. Congrats on your find!
  5. I always did love this bag but was never compelled to actually purchase it. However, in midnight blue - that's a different story! Beautiful bag!
  6. Nice bag and fantastic color.

  7. Thanks Ladies! I woke up this morning freaking out that I didn't get the tassle strip that was supposed to be on it! How could I forget that! ha ha

    I found it wrapped up nicely inside!

    Mockinglee - I've been watching the one on NM forever but it never went below $578! I got the deal with this one!
  8. photomj -
    Thanks for the update and posting pics of your lovely bag.
    The color of your bag is actually called Twilight.....which makes a lot more sense than Midnight, yes?
    I have the satchel in this style and color. It always gets compliments when I carry her. I think the leather is gorgeous - will absolutely stand up to anything and will last a lifetime.....and will only get better with use!
    enjoy enjoy enjoy:yahoo:

    and yes - post pics of all of your babies!!!!
  9. Beautiful color, congrats!
  11. very pretty, photomj! any more pics of it to share? :graucho:
  12. Pretty! congrats! :tup:
  13. Thats a beauty!
  14. Believe it or not, I'm a photographer and I'm too lazy to take pics (how very sad!) So, being lazy, here are some pics that the seller put online. You'll see that it does indeed look to be a darker blue than the photo that I took!

    NM has a brown or green one online and the photo looks great!

    I posted pics here with and without the tassle! I personally LOVE the tassle!
    LotImg35947.jpg LotImg35948.jpg LotImg35950.jpg LotImg35951.jpg