MIDI Baguette in black vs. Speedy 20 or alma bb in empreinte in black. Which is the classic , chick and practical?


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Jul 28, 2007
Each style has its own merits. The Speedy 20 and Alma BB in Empreinte would likely fit more than the Midi Baguette. I’m not a fan of the Alma BB in Empriente, because the shape seems distorted IMHO, when compared to the original Alma BB in canvas or Epi. I would recommend the Alma BB in Epi leather instead for a classy minimal look.

The Speedy is a better known style, however, I find that the width of it sticks out too much for my liking. i once read someone’s opinion that the Speedy looks too much like a piece of luggage instead of a purse and I have to agree, even though I own it in the 25 DE canvas. The Alma looks like a true handbag with a Classic history - it was originally requested and made for Coco Chanel. The Mini Baguette is the easiest/most comfortable to wear of all three styles and is the most modern-feeling.
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