Middle Eastern Food? Have You Tried It..

  1. Anyone eat Middle Eastern Food... My favorites are... Falafel sandwich, Hummas([SIZE=-1]chickpeas)[/SIZE], Tabula(Arabic salad) Shawarma ...
  2. Yum! Middle Eastern/Mediteranian cuisine is one of my favorites!

    My very favorite is falafel (with tahini!), but I also love hummus, shawarma, kebab, dolma, labneh, couscous, baklava, halvah..and on and on. :shame:
  3. Ohhh I love love love it.. I love my Mom in laws Falafel... *drools* I love Machboos... *rice with chicken*
    OOo and I can go on. They have tons of Lebanese places here and they are good. But, I love everything my mom in law cooks. I can go on and on about the food here.

    Tabula is my FAVVVVV kinda salad.. YUMMMY!I have tons of recipes!! I'll whip them up soon.
  4. Haha, of course! I love all sorts of middle eastern dishes from Moroccan, Egyptian, Lebanese, Iraqi, Jordanian, Turkish, khaliji and so on.
    My favourite is Dolma, I like Iraqi style biryani too, lots of fish dishes, Muloukhia, fatah, not too fond of falafel, though I love humous. Kuba, Taboula, fatoosh, maqlouba......... the list goes on ..
  5. I love falafel...mmmmm I want it now! and I eat hummus all the time.
  6. ahh! my hubby introduced me to Middle Eastern food! I LOOOVE IT!!!!!

    I don't know many names, but I like the rice..with kabobs...and....hummus. lol

  7. ... love the hummus... and anything with lamb...:happydance:
  8. I love, love, love Middle Eastern food! I like to try different things, but some favorites are a chicken and vegetable soup at a restaurant I go to, homemade hummus, salad with Middle Eastern dressing (not sure if that's a kind but that's what they call it lol), chicken kebab, rice, namura (a honey cake)... I could keep going!
  9. Ohhhhh yes! Yum!!!! :girlsigh:

    One of my ex-bf's is Egyptian and his mom cooked the best desserts ever. Homemade baklava is tdf! When I go out for Middle Eastern food I usually just get falafel and mint tea, but I love everything I've tried :tup:
  10. Did she make "basbousa" A samolina cake soaked with sugary syrup and decorated with almonds? This is one of my favourite desserts.
  11. OMG baklava, how could I forget that??? I love that and mint tea, as well. I like "Moroccan Mint' which is blended with green tea.
  12. I have never tried middle eastern food. I will have to try this one day.
  13. I LOVE Middle Eastern food! There's this one place near Chicago that makes the best falafels and fresh pita bread. I would eat there all the time, but it's in the suburbs and I don't have a car.
  14. Hummus is so yummy!
  15. IDK if I've ever tried that, but I know I'd like it! She made one with raisins that was soaked in something. That was DELICIOUS!!!