Middle Child Syndrome

  1. Let's go there... let's talk about the "middle child syndrome".

    I really want to have 3 children (would be happy with one right now though, please!) but I don't want to have a middle child.:roflmfao: Seriously though, I am the youngest of three girls (women, now) and my middle sister is a case study in birth order psychology.

    Do your middle children suffer from "middle child syndrome"?
  2. Middle child speaking and I have no issues ...lol go for the three
  3. I am a middle child and definitely have the middle child syndrome. However, I think it is largely due to a global parenting issue rather than me being the "middle" one. My BFF has 3 under 5 yrs age and they are all fabulous!
  4. I have three and my middle is fine. She in fact seems to be the "I'll solve all the problems with my older sister and younger brother" type of child. I say go for it! I love having three kids, going from 1 to 2 was much harder than 2 to 3. Good luck!