Middle-aged Women and combat boots........

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  1. DD383658-ABB7-485B-8C61-2717D395E979.jpeg

    Hi ladies....I am almost 50 (but look young for my age) and am really wanting a pair of Chanel combat boots. What are your thoughts on middle aged women wearing them? I don’t want to look like I am trying too hard to be young or fit in. I’m so torn on feeling like I’m too old for these....HELP!!

    (Pic borrowed from the internet)
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    Get them, wear them, enjoy them. I think they can be ageless. It's all in your attitude and how you style them :smile:
    (I'm a huge fan of combat boots too )

    Editing to add - I used to ask myself all the time "Is this age appropriate". I finally realized that the real question is this - "Is this ME appropriate". Does whatever "it" is fit my personal style and does it make me feel like "me".
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    I am older than you and I treated myself to a pair! I absolutely love them! I feel great wearing them, I style and dress age appropriately ! So I say absolutely get them! I definitely agree with the statement "are they me appropriate!"
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  4. I think these types of boots can look great at any age. They’ve become a wardrobe staple in my opinion.
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  5. I love them! Buy them. I don’t think you will regret doing so but may regret NOT buying them.
  6. Love them! Go for it
  7. I love combat boots. It's how you wear them that makes or breaks a look. Get them!
  8. Thanks everyone!! This is why I love :heart: posting in here....you guys are soooo helpful. And I just don’t want to get eye-rolls as I am walking around in these :lol: so hearing what you have to say makes me feel better.
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  9. I never even thought about it and I’m older than you. I have a similar pair and love them. So comfortable.
  10. Ageless!!! They are just leather boots, not some crazy young trend, they are classic combats!!! ROCK THEM WITH NO WORRIES
  11. Not far behind you and here’s me in Valentino combat boots. You absolutely can rock those boots!

  12. Agree with the others that if you love them, get them! Enjoy!
  13. So chic! Love your style.
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  14. I love them! I’m mid 40’s and love wearing combat boots.
  15. I have a pair of combat boots from Cartujano (a Spanish brand, they retailed at $800). They're gorgeous and actually elegant in the way they're cut. I love wearing them tucked into certain leggings/skinny jeans to show off the whole boot when I attempt the "affluent hiker with a cappuccino" look.
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