Mid-year Sale 2012

  1. Gorgeous bag!
  2. Sales started yesterday in the UK. Got a bag! :biggrin:
  3. Uk sale has already started. I've ordered 4 pairs of shoes and a belt. Excited to receive them. My first ferragamo buy x
  4. I went today pre-sold a flat will pick it up after Wednesday...still debating if i shall get the other color or not
  5. Ferragamo sale has started in the US. Are the sale prices on ferragamo.com same as in the store? I haven't picked up mine yet, so I am curious if they are the same.
  6. Thanks!!
  7. Yes they are the same price I was pre-sold a flat but I find something better on the online store so I can my and order it online
  8. Thank you, Chrissy131. Do you mean you returned your pre-sale and order a pair online?
  9. I'm in Switzerland and got 3 shoes at 50% off, awesome
  10. I mean cancel my pre sold item and order it online
  11. I scrored this beautiful pair from San Fran yesterday on the 1st day of sale !! Love it
    image-3468924344.jpg image-3541815800.jpg
  12. Someone please enlightened me.. I noticed the sale on the website is only for USA.. When i changed it to Europe it doesnt show any sale... Can i simply order it thru USA site or how? Anyone in Europe have shopped ferragamo sale , be it online thru the official store or from boutique??

  13. You can try calling the US stores directly and ask for your style & to be shipped to you. PM me if you want the SA name in Santana Row, San Jose, CA

  14. Beautiful! You mind sharing the price? I might need to drag myself there

  15. They are gorgeous!!! I scored the same pair, but haven't received them yet.