Mid sized Paris Bombay for SS2007

  1. I heard from my SA that there will be a mid sized Paris Bombay to be launched for SS2007. I am wondering if this size is already available in the Mothership, and can anyone advise what are its dimensions? And how much does it cost?
  2. When I asked about it in SF they said noooo there's no in betwen size. :rolleyes: But I know people here have seen it already, right?
  3. There is a midsize Paris-Bombay and was referred to as a size 35.
    I have seen them in bicolor combinations and are truly lovely.
    It cost about $4,000.
  4. Bi colour Paris Bombay ! Now this is going to be interesting for Spring. :graucho: Will keep a lookout for them.
  5. But it would depend on whether your store decides to bring it in...mine isn't, bummer.
  6. I think my store is going to. But if there will be bi-colour versions, I haven't a slightest clue. I shall ask on my next visit and request to view them when the shipment arrives.
  7. I have yet to see any bicolor handbags sold in Malaysia's H shop as the selection here is extremely limited.

    MrsS, could you keep us posted on their arrival? I may have to make a trip down 'South':graucho:
  8. Sure, Sasa. Provided they are not all sold out before I get to them. We'll see.
  9. This would be a great day bag, but I still love that little pm!
  10. Oohh, have not seen any bi color Bombays. Sounds potentially delicious