Mid-size anna corrinna city- got me thinkin'- we need a midsize Gryson!

  1. Seriously- I think we need to petition Gryson to make a bag between the Skye and Olivia. It is true, sometimes Skye is a bit tight for me. But I haven't purchased an Olivia, b/c I feel it is simply too big (and would look ridiculous on me). So, in conclusion- I hope the Gryson's read this, b/c I think a bad somewhere in the middle would be super great!
  2. I agree. But if you can use a bag that's a bit more structured, the Gryson Sophie is very nice. I got one for a great price at NR but decided to return it as the heavy lock think was a bit cumbersome and it had no outside pockets. But it was very pretty and a nice size.
  3. I totally agree with you! I've had the same thought myself! I love the look of the Skye and Olivia, but as much as I love my Skyes, they're sometimes a bit small. The Olivia is ginormous...would look totally ridiculous on me! Something in between would be perfect!
  4. Yes- the other Gryson bags are really nice. But I just really love the distinctive, unique design of the Skye/Olivias- hence the demand for a midsize :smile: