Mid Calf CC logo boots

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  1. Not sure if this is the right spot to post this question as I already posted to the Shoes forum. But I was wondering if anyone purchased a black pair of the mid-calf CC logo backs last season. I stumbled upon a pair of refurb pairs from Nordstrom Rack that did not come with a box. I was looking at some photos online and others have the burgundy leather lining with all tan leather sole, but mine is black leather lining with black sole. If someone can confirm or post a pic of what theirs looks like that would be awesome.
  2. I'm sorry if I'm missing it but what is your specific question? Is it what season had the same color lining that yours have?
  3. Guess I was wondering if the boots always come in burgundy lining or not. I guess if they do come in different colors for different seasons that is helpful to know which season had black lining and black sole.
    I've heard that pple do return knockoffs back to stores so I wasn't sure if mine is especially since it was marked refurbished too.
  4. You may want to authenticate your boots, so you can stop being concerned.
  5. I posted pics to authentic thread but no response. So if anyone else has any insight on whether the CC logo mid calf boots do vary for each season that would get great. I'll post pics of my boots later.

    thanks so much!