Mid Afternoon

  1. I have not seen this model in person...can you wear it on your shoulder? Is there enough clearance?

  2. Hi. I got a Mid-Afternoon for Christmas, but ended up exchanging it for the Purse Bag.

    The Mid-Afternoon did fit on my shoulder, but the Purse Bag felt more comfortable as a shoulder bag.
  3. Here is a Mid-Afternoon:yes:
  4. I've seen the mid afternoon and it would NOT go on my shoulder. I'm 5'10" btw.
  5. Thanks!! I am 5'4'' so it might work.
  6. So are you going to get it Melinda?
  7. I'm thinking about it. Wish I had a Purse instead!!! I love the bleu india color!
  8. Why don't you get the cornflower Purse you said you liked so much then? I think I would like the Purse style better. I like the shape better than the Mid Afternoon.
  9. It is gone now! I should have gotten it!!
  10. Do you know if they still have the black one?
  11. Nope :sad:
  12. OH, NOOOOOO!!!!!!:sad: I was going to see if it was still available!