1. Any one have one? Care to model and post pics? :flowers:

    What colors do they come in??? :shrugs:

    I love my rouge hobo and thinking this is the next bbag (after I receive my teal first from a fellow pfer :wlae: ). Hopefully it comes in carmel or I guess I can always live with a black....
  2. Saw the June thread... anyone gotten one since then?
  3. I saw one in caramel and I thought it wasn't very practical because it's handheld and it was very heavy for a B-Bag. The caramel leather on it was really nice.
  4. This is the only picture I've seen of the Mid-Afternoon and the colour looks like caramel. I aggree that it doesn't seems very practical because I don't think it could be worn on the shoulder
  5. i haven't see it IRL :girlsigh: but it looks beautiful
  6. I wonder if this is what's going to replace the purse (if it gets discontinued)? It looks very structured and stiff.
  7. AARGHH nothing can replace the purse :crybaby:
  8. I didn't really like the Purse because of how structured & stiff it looked in the 2006 leathers ... but after seeing your Eggplant purse I have a whole different view of it. Yours looks just about as slouchy as a City, and much more practical because I find the City awkward to zip/unzip with that long, floppy zipper.
  9. fiat, i think purse in older leather is the best! it's so easy to zip/unzip, i don't need to get my bag away from my shoulder, when with city, it's hard to zip/unzip without taking the bag off my shoulder.
  10. I think the above picture is of the Afternoon. It looks like the Mid-afternoon has longer handles and is smaller than the Afternoon. Below is a pic I got from Atelier.naff.

    I LOVE my Day/Hobo :love: and want something comparable, but not the same..... suggestions? :shrugs:
  11. I wonder if this bag is replacing the purse??
  12. Oh I hope not!:Push: I love the Purse style and am not crazy about the Mid-afternoon or Afternoon styles.
  13. Ok, I'll be the Guinea pig... if any one can tell me what store is stocking the mid-afternoon, I will order and do a comparison and post pics....
  14. LVR
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