mid 20's skin range

  1. I'm 22 now and I have notice my first wrinkle:crybaby: [frown line on my forehead i NEVER had before!!}

    I'm so paro about my skin now. I want to find a good skin range for my skin, It quite oily but then it can go dry too.

    But I hear if you use anti wrinkle creams on your skin at 22 , That in years to come its will do nothing for you skin. Is this true?? So your doing more harm than good.

    Why Im so paro theses days is that fact I do go on the sunbed every day. Im a tan freak. I want to be tanned all year round.:rolleyes:

    Does anyone any good skin ranges around.

    Thanx peeps:yes:
  2. If you go to the tanning bed every day (I can't even imagine how intensely damaging that is), no cream will will defend you against wrinkles. If you want to stave off wrinkles for as long as possible, the number 1 defense is sunblock at all times and avoiding the sun and tanning beds, period. You may want to give the self-tan lotions a try. Some people like salon spray-on tans too.
  3. wow - ok if your usin sunbeds everyday.. GOD help your skin years too come. its going to look soooo leathery and gross
  4. mmm I suppose you are right but I notice what I said there..Oppss maybe not EVERYDAY LOL. I go on it maybe in a week 4 times thats not too bad .

    So any good skin range out there?:smile:
  5. Wrinkles will be the least of your problems when you develop melanoma.
  6. You should stop going to tanning spas IMO. Just use those artifical tan stuff year round if you'd like to be tanned. Excessive exposure to UVA rays will cause skin cancer (not to mention giving you deep wrinkles that cannot be fixed with even the most expensive creams) and age you about 10+ years if you continue this practice. You will age greatly once you hit your late 20s...:s
  7. Yep, please be careful. You may not only be setting yourself up for wrinkles, but cancer.

    Also, most of our noticable aging comes from sun damage. What you are doing now will never go away later, and 4 times a week is still quite alot.

    The best thing you can so is stop the tanning and use lots of SPF, everyday, all year :yes: and stay moisturized!
  8. i used sisley collagen & woodmallow cream. im 24 and the only one of my friends that dont have forehead lines.
    i think anti aging creams is good but dont get those very intensive kinds, it might be too strong. use maybe 1 REALLY good anti aging product, avoid the sun, take vitamins C+E, and drink lots of water.
  9. lil miss cheeky please do not use tanning beds at all!!! It is soooooo bad for you! Even once a week is horrible! Who cares about wrinkles when you can get cancer? And girls your age and younger DO get cancer so it's not as unlikely as you think.
  10. You need to stop using tanning beds NOW, or you will seriously damage your skin. My DH's friend started tanning when she was in high school, and never used sunscreen. I first met her when she was 27 and I swear, I thought she was ten years older because she had so many wrinkles around her eyes.

    As for using products to help stave off aging, I started using under eye cream, moisturizer, and sunscreen when I was in my mid -to-late 20s. I'm currently 36, but most people think I am in my mid-to-late twenties. I don't know if I appear younger because of genetics or moisturizer, but I would like to think the money I have spent on Kiehl's products has actually been worthwhile.:graucho:
  11. The answer is easy--stop going to tanning beds! Get spray tans instead...thats what most celebs do:smile:

    Do you want to look like Victoria Gotti when you are 40?!?!
  12. Oh god girls , Your scaring me. But its so true.
    I have tried a lot of fake tan for years , But I use to get on my nerves the way it can getting patchy.

    I'm a qualified beautician so I know the whole tanning routine. I have try Fake bake, St tro, spray tan sun fx and it came off awful mucky . I like to look swallow. Pretty dark.

    Any Ideas. ?
  13. Hello Miss Cheeky! Oh my gosh pleeease stop going to the tanning beds--four times a week is still quite often, I think (but this is coming from an Asian girl whose mother freaked out the first time she got naturally tan). Don't tans last for a while? I know it's difficult to cut such a habit immediately to a halt, so maybe just diminish your visits slowly. As in, visit 3, then 2, and then just once a week and then slowly til once a month or a few months. In between, buy one of those lotions that help tans stay on longer, and maybe get a spray tan, too, if you feel that you're a little washed out after cutting down your visits. From your picture, you're already very beautiful with a nice tan, and I'd hate for you to 1) develop wrinkles earlier in life than expected or, worse, 2) get skin cancer from the prolonged usage of tanning beds. All of us here just want the best for you! :yes:
  14. Oh thank you msleex3 thats a lot of bronzer lol.:yes:

    I will from this day on cut down on the sunbed.Thanks everyone.