Tech Microsoft Windows question....

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  1. Why does my status bar at the bottom disappear sometimes? And is there a quick way to get it to come back other than rebooting?
  2. "anyone? anyone?"
  3. Bueller? Yikes, do you have it on a setting where it disappears but when you move your mouse down there it pops back up? Sometimes people do that to have as much real estate possible on their screen. Has it always done this, shoo?
  4. You might have the Autohide the task bar turned on. I think that's what PG's talking about... just right click on the status bar then go to Properties to see if the option is checked
  5. ^^ Yes, you said it much better than I...thanks, my friend!
  6. :welcome:
  7. thanks guys! I'll check that right now...
  8. well "autohide" was not checked off. but I did go ahead and check "lock taskbar". maybe that will help?
  9. ^^ give it a try...what does it do now?
  10. the status bar is still there. it only disappears maybe once a month or so.

    and oh yeah when this happens all my desktop icons disappear with it as well.
  11. ^^ hmmm, the only once a month is odd. *scratching head*
  12. Uhh, is it around the same time when AF shows up too? :biggrin:

    I'd run a virus scan anyway, esp if you're having to reboot.
  13. I believe if all your desktop icons are disappearing along with the taskbar at the bottom, this indicates some type of software error. There may be something going on in your registry. Definitely do a virus/spyware/malware scan to be sure.
  14. Mine does this all the time!!! Drives me insane......especially if something minimizes I can't get it back cuz its invisible at the bottom. I hope someone knows the answer.:idea:
  15. Maybe explorer.exe is crashing? try ctrl+alt+del, go to Task Manager -> File -> new task
    and then type explorer.exe, then click OK