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  1. Does anybody with curly hair have these, and does it even work with curly hair? I'm really trying to find a way for my hair to be straight all of the time. I hear that this lasts for months, but would I need to cut my hair off for it to appear nice? I'm kind of ignorant about extensions, I'm not sure how they work.:shame:

    Thanks all!
  2. Hey there! Well i can give you some general info on hair extensions. When i was 16 i got the Great Lengths hair extensions. For someone who is healthy and more than willing to spend A LOT of time on their hair everyday i can reccomend it. I was having weight issues at the time (i was only 80 pounds ekk not good) and with the weight of the hair extensions my hair fell out like CRAZY! Not to mention you need to brush them everyday to make sure they grow out okay. They were very expensive also...about 1,500 for hair halfway down my back and my hair was to my shoulders to begin with. If you have any questions feel free to email me!
  3. I PM'd you, thanks!
  4. I've had extensions and don't recommend it. Major upkeep!
  5. Thanks! ^ I think I may just try to get it straightened chemically.
Thread Status:
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