1. I am fair and recovering from a acne break out. I am 36 never had acne in my life. It has left dark & red spots on my skin.

    Does anyone know if Mircoderm will help the scaring. I thought about purchasing a kit from the drug store, but I have a few Acne spot still.

  2. Sometimes it can actually make acne worse-I personally just purchased one for sensitive skin as a precaution,but I have heard of people getting more acne because of it. I do like the results I personally get,though. If you do decide to do it,I would do it for less than the recommended time and only every other day.
  3. I have deep acne scarring & Micro has definetely help. I got it done by a professional & after having it done, I would not recommend buying an over the counter kit. My first 2 sessions, the esthetician did not apply enough pressure so I did not see significant changes then I went to another one & she applied a lot of pressure (ouch) but I saw a difference. My skin peeled & you are not permitted to be exposed to any sun. I did mine during the Winter so it was fine. I highly recommend it
  4. Question: I jave dark spots and red Spots no scars on the skin. Will it help me?
  5. AHA's (alpha hydroxy acids) will usually help uneven tones - it really helped mine when I got through my acne. And it somewhat helped with scarring, but microderm is the key for scarring.
  6. Can I purchase Alpha Hydoxy acids, Is it sold under a diff name?:biggrin: