Microchip causing cancer in animals?

  1. I was watching the news a few minutes ago and they were saying how the microchips have a possibility of causing cancer in animals they're injected into. They said that in a few of the rats they injected, they got cancerous tumors. I'm really scared because my dog and kitten are both chipped! I got them from the SPCA and they automatically chipped them. Now I'm wondering if it can be removed? Our last two animals just died of cancer at the same time and I'm so scared for it to happen again. I don't want to kill my animals!
  2. *sigh* great. I hope not. :sad:
  3. I hope this was a false news story - my old shep X died of cancer and I would hate to think I could have helped prevent it as he was microchipped. I have been wanting to get my little girl chipped but keep putting it off as I hate the idea of the big needle poking her... perhaps I will wait a little longer now until this all gets verified...
  4. I hate the idea because it reminds me of the whole revelations part of the bible and such. I'm not a religious person, but microchips like that in animals, they scare the hell out of me, even though I know it's nice to find your pet using them. I dunno. :shame:
  5. Apparently, there have been instances of this causing cancer (they also ran tests on mice) and has the potential of migrating from the original spot. To me, it's a personal choice and whether the risks (despite the slight chance) outweigh the benefits of recovering a lost dog. I won't judge the choice of the owner either way, since there are legitimate reasons of concern whether to do so or not. It can be the region, how active the dog is, how secure his environment is, etc can be taken into consideration also. It's always good to check that the scanner used in the surrounding areas is compatible with that particular microchip (which I've read can be a problem if the reader's different). I was going to microchip dahlia when I had her neutered, but decided against it after doing some research on this (and talking with a natural breeder). I still may do it and like I said, it *seems* like the percentage of risk is small right now like foods we eat that "can cause cancer". There has been so many rescue stories of dogs brought home because of their microchip but in my situation, the risk of cancer and dahlia getting lost/stolen seem to be comparable so I don't feel comfortable doing so until I know more information.
  6. Oh my goodness, I seriously thought about that too!!!! I'm very religious and the thought has crossed my mind. I'm glad somebody has brought that up.
  7. ^^Yeah, it just bothers me. I'm Christian but not super-religious. It just made me think. And my ex, too. He fought to keep his lab from being chipped.
  8. I know, and the more I think about it the more it makes me sick. I believe the big problem right now is with VeriChip, not the chips that are being used on animals...they're different. Although I could be wrong. I've called every vet in the area to see if I can get the chips removed but they said they won't do it. I really should have told my parents I didn't want it done, I really can't believe they even ALLOWED it to be done, since they're pretty against the microchipping too. I guess since it was included in the adoption they didn't think twice about it. I can't lose these two to cancer, after what I went through with my other two...and my cat is just a baby. I feel sick to my stomach.
  9. OMG I reallllly hope this isn't true :sad:
  10. Omgosh! I completely agree. I just find it freaky putting a microchip thing into your pet, I have always felt that way ever since they came out. I thought I was the only one who thought that.
  11. I hope this story isn't true because my cat was adopted from the spca and he has a micro chip in him in case he gets lost!
  12. ^^^Same here. Although my animals NEVER get lost. They stay in the house at all times and they don't run away. I'd rather get the chip removed to avoid any complications. The chances of them running away is slim to none.
  13. Most vets won't remove them because some of the chips have a tendency to migrate, moving in the pet's body-- it's also a pretty major surgery; nothing like when they inject them in.
  14. Oh no!! I'm moving to Hong Kong soon and I have to get my Chihuahua chipped in order for him to go overseas with me. Any PF vets out there with more information? Some of us pet owners need some reassurance!
  15. I talked to my vet at the local animal shelter about it. She said that microchipping your pet carries the same risks as vaccinations do in people-- some animals react adversely to them. The HomeAgain company's chips seem to have the least adverse effects.