Micro trendy or square mini?

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  1. I've been obsessed with these tiny Chanel bags lately, I just got the mini trendy in pink and blue, but still waiting for the black to arrive. I'm torn between getting the black mini trendy or the classic mini square in black?

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  2. Your Trendy minis are sooo cute and gorgeous!!!:heart: I would get the black classic square mini for variety since you already have 2 colors trendy minis. And the big plus is your cell phone will be able to fit in the classic mini!:smile:
  3. Is the square mini out in a collection right now?

    I own a black one and prefer it over the trendy mini bc it fits my phone and the strap is shorter. I am petite so the strap on the mini trendy is too long
  4. Does the iPhone plus fit in the actual square mini? Or just the pocket?
  5. Not this season, no! Does your phone fit in the actual purse? Or do you put it in the back pocket?
  6. I have an iPhone 10 and it fits in the actual purse lying horizontally. I don’t like stretching out the back pocket and havent tried that
  7. Whoa what! Your iPhone fits in the square mini, not the rectangular mini?? I'm shocked bahah
  8. yes! It doesn’t stretch it either. I’m not sure if an iPhone pro would fit

    I would go for the square mini since you have the cc trendy mini already in a different color!
  9. No way!! I had a so black square mini before and I don't remember fitting my phone inside bahah. But that's good to know!! Holding out for black lamb with lghw
  10. I have an iPhone 7 Plus and it does fit comfortably in the square mini.
  11. Yes my iPhone plus with a thin cover did fit comfortably in my square mini, including a flap card case, lipstick and key pouch!
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  12. I see you did a thread! Looking at the pictures I think you need the square if you can get it in black with gold hardware. Maybe sometimes you don't want to hold the phone in your hand or having the stroller to put the phone in;)
  13. Classic mini square in black!!
  14. I bought the same pink micro trendy and am having major regrets :confused1: it’s not the pink I like. I’m considering selling it & getting the black one! I just love the shape & size so much- they’re so fun! (the blue is pretty too btw)
  15. Omg!! Is it too peachy for you?? It looks different every time I look at mine