Micro or Mini - I can't tell!

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  1. Hello! Need help from Celine Luggage Tote experts/historians haha

    So my sister is trying to buy a "Micro" Dune Luggage tote from a reseller - but I am skeptical it's real because:
    a. Seller says it's a micro, but it is bigger than my micro. I also am not sure if it is big enough to be a mini (maybe it is a mini pebbled and the seller was just mistaken??)
    b. Interior flaps have leather on them which my Micro Souris Drummed Luggage does not. Is this unique to the Mini Pebbled?
    c. The suede interior feels different from my Micro
    d. The inner card has a bigger fold at the bottom of the envelope than mine - but again if it's a mini then maybe the card is just bigger

    Hope you guys can help me verify if this is just a mini or something.

    Thanks so much!!
    SidexSide.JPG Back.JPG bottom.JPG inner flap.JPG tags.JPG
  2. Try posting in the "Authenticate this Celine" thread, you'll get better response there! Good luck :smile:
  3. thank you @eunaddict !! i posted there also but I think im getting buried under other questions i hope i hear back from someone soon haha!
  4. The older bags came with fabric lining instead of suede, maybe it‘s fabric then? Can‘t really tell from the pics. And also older bags did have a leather trim around the bag and inside pockets. But it definitely looks like a Mini to me
  5. 94440E6B-C181-4F65-AF0A-D93FAE890EB0.jpeg The souris is micro, but the dune is mini. Quickest and surest way to tell is the spacing between the zipper border leather trim and the bottom of handle sockets. See how tight the space is in a micro whereas the mini is more spacious.