Micro Mania

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  1. Eye Candy! Courtesy of my friend in Italy.


    Micros in Fall Red (grainy), Smooth Camel, Cobalt, Lipstick and Chocolate.

    Anyone else have pics of Micros???
  2. Eat your hearts out! LOL. Got this pic from a reseller on Siambrandname.com forums.


  3. i want one in cobalt blue! sooo hard to find.
  4. nice. thanks for sharing!
  5. wow so many gorgeous bags!!
  6. My heart is officially eaten to bits!

    The cobalt and the grainy red are headed my way! Still deciding on smooth Camel or chocolate. The Chocolate Mini is stunning IRL!

    The Yellow is really eye-catching! Is it the Citrine?

    I heard the Tri-Colors for Fall are available in Italy and at some NM stores, and wonder if they come in Micro. . .?

    No Kidding!
  7. :drool: lucky lucky lucky!! I need to see more!!

    :faint: :nono:
  8. oh my gosh, amazing
  9. OMG! Are these available now? Where is this reseller based, US? I really want the red or cobalt!
  10. CELINE why are you so amazinggg????????????
  11. ^ Sorry the reseller is in Asia.
  12. Thanks, but Celine is for my eyes only then. Too bad...:tdown:
  13. thanks for the eye candy! I am bitten...I thought I really need just two but now I want more...
  14. I want it even more.