Micro luggage reveal!

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  1. ImageUploadedByPurseForum1462053932.606587.jpg
    I have to say I'm absolutely in love with this bag! I thought my next Celine purchase would be a nano but this baby just happened to cross my path and I have to say she is perfect! It's a nice medium size IMO, much smaller than my phantom, but larger than my proenza ps11. It's also not as heavy as I was expecting it to be which is always a plus!
    Thanks for letting me share :smile:[emoji177]

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  2. She is a beauty! Congrats!
  3. I love it! The micro is such a great size. How did you come across it?

  4. Thank you!

  5. A friend of mine was selling it to make room in her closet for a different bag :smile:! at the time I had just purchased a fake nano and was very down (I ended up getting my money back though thankfully). It just seemed like perfect timing so I figured it was meant to be!
  6. Congrats on your new Micro!!! Hope you enjoy for a long time :smile:
  7. The micro is a fantastic bag and a perfect size. Congratulations [emoji3]

  8. It truly was meant to be! I'm so glad you were able to get your money back - there are so many expert fakes on eBay right now I get so nervous buying Celine. Thank goodness for our amazing tPF authenticators!
  9. Congrats new love

  10. Thank you! All my other Celine's have passed the test of time (as well as my wondering eye for bags lol) I'm sure this one will too [emoji4][emoji177]

  11. Thank you!!!

  12. Yes there are so many good super fakes out there these days, I'm so glad I decided to get the nano checked out. It was the smell that made me worry the most. It smelt like leather but it was a different sort of leather and almost kind of chemically like dye but eBay was great to work with surprisingly I thought they are going to give me a harder time but it was all smooth and easy going!
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