Micro Luggage Question...

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  1. Oh my gosh...I just received in the mail today my BRAND NEW CELINE MICRO LUGGAGE:woohoo::yahoo::happydance:..
    I am SO impressed with Celine and this wonderful leather:smile: I do not know what took me so long to investigate this brand, but I am IN LOVE:loveeyes::love:
    My question to all the Luggage owners out there is this....Now I am wondering if I should have gone with the Mini instead of the Micro. I love big bags, but I am petite. However; this bag is quite heavy to begin with after ALL my items are in it. My bags I already have are...LV Speedy B 35, Balenciaga City, LV Speedy 30 empreinte, LV Speedy B 25 mono, LV Petite Noe in epi fuschia, LV Brea MM in epi, LV Trevi PM, LV Totally MM, Gucci Studded Tote. I've been trying to get my collection down from too many bags. I have sold quite a few over the past year or so and now I am probably going to be selling a few more. I only want bags I am going to use. I know I am leaving some out, oh well:smile:
    Has anyone regretted either size and wish they would have gone with the other instead? I do not want to make another costly mistake. Love this bag:smile: I just want to make sure I have the correct size. I usually carry on a daily basis:
    LV Empreinte Curieuse Wallet
    LV Checkbook Cover
    LV Pochette (old model)
    LV Mini Pochette
    LV small agenda
    LV cles
    LV empreinte key pouch
    LV 6 ring key holder
    LV vernis cles
    Prescription glasses
    iphone 6 plus
    It all fits, but tightly. I'm sure I could compact things a bit if need be. I'm use to carrying around my Speedy B 35 in DE and everything is just everywhere in that bag, but with lots of room. I really don't need all that room so I am thinking if I do go with the mini, I'm just going to put even more things in it and it will be way too heavy for my everyday bag and therefore I won't want to carry it.
    Sorry for the long post....I'll take any advice, suggestions anyone has.

    Thank you for letting me share! I'm so excited about this bag!:P
  2. Congratulations on your first Celine!!!!! I'm petite too and I have a micro luggage. Everything about this bag is just perfect to me!!! I have it for about a year and still in love with it!! It's a great Celine classic!!!!
  3. Thank you so much! I just don't want to regret the size, you know? I have lost SO MUCH money on bags that I haven't used that I thought would be so great.....I truly love this bag, I just don't want to make a costly mistake regarding size. Thank you!:graucho:
  4. First of all congrats! I bought a micro in June '14. It was between the micro and the mini. Mini was to heavy for me! I also have a nano. Have to tell you that I have been carrying the nano for 3 years straight now! Love it best of all due to the cross body strap. Enjoy!!!
  5. Hi everyone! I spend most of my time over in the Balenciaga & Mulberry threads but I do have 3 Celine bags so I'm just checking in.
    Pradagal ~ CONGRATS on your Micro! So glad you love it! I also have a Celine Micro that I love. I'm petite too (5'3") & I feel the Micro is a slightly better proportion for me vs the Mini. My first Celine Luggage purchase was in the Mini size. I bought it for work purposes because I have to carry a lot of 8 x 11" documents & various other items. While I do absolutely love my Mini, I am considering selling it because (actually I have 2 mini's & 1 micro) because I have other larger bags (like my Balenciaga Work & Mulberry Bayswater) that can be used for work purposes. I'm thinking I'd rather just have 1 size in Celine, which for me is the Micro....so in essence, I understand your thoughts & not wanting to make a mistake with a costly bag. Did you put all of your items into the Mini size or can you get to a store & do that....maybe then you'll be able to decide if the Mini is indeed the size up that you need; or perhaps you'll find that it might be a tad bit too large. Hope this helps you in some way...best of luck!!:smile:
  6. I took out my new micro today and I LOVE IT! I definitely made the right decision. I was out shopping all day and it didn't hurt my arm at all. It is a GREAT bag. It looks beautiful and it is SO functional. I usually don't like all my things being so crowded in my bags because I hate moving things around to put them back. But it really didn't seem too bad. I am selling some LV's now that I JUST bought a few months ago. Every time I would go and use my bag, I would be so indecisive on which bag I wanted to use that I would end up switching them out 3 times before ending up with the same bag I started with. Never felt really satisfied when carrying any of them. I will still have MORE than enough bags in my collection even selling 3, but I figure if I don't care to use them now, I probably won't.
    I LOVE EVERYTHING about this Celine bag. I think she is going to get even more beautiful with use and age:love:
    Thanks everyone for helping and letting me join your club:P
  7. Hi everyone, i just purchased my first celine micro luggage in smooth black.. Just wondering if the inside lining is supposed to be not totally flat in the bottom part after the 2 pockets are placed? Its like a bulging piece of the leather is not attached flat like the other side where the zipper pocket is. I hope its not a defect. It just looks like my bag have a little love handle or fold in the bottom inside part?
  8. Mine is like that too.
  9. oh glad to hear that. thought it was just mine anyway do mind taking picture of yours?
  10. I just got a new Micro Luggage, too. The bottom parts of the panel under the pockets on both sides of the bag are not completely flat, but they are not seriously bulging either. I don't think it's a defect, so I'm not fretting about it.

    Here's a pic of the inside of my bag.

  11. Hi tnx for showing me the inside.. Ill post mine once i get home.. Mine is like love handle hahaha if you know what i mean its flappy like you can see the fold.. Its just my 1st and only celine thats why i dont know if i should settle for that.. Hahaha oh well its inside so no one could see it...
  12. Im marking the one im talking about in your picture but mine is mich bigger sag i think.. But what a relief im not the only one i guess they really sag even if its knew

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  13. I get what you're saying. If the "love handles" are noticeably prominent, then that would bother me and I would exchange it for another bag.
  14. ya kinda fighting the feeling to return it coz when i bought it in Rodeo on sat there is only two left in smooth and mine has less marks on it on the outside so thats what i get i didn't bother to check the inside when i was there though:confused1:.. i search a couple of pictures of used celine and they all end up sagging or kinda detaching from the bag.. so i thought enough for me to be concern and just enjoy the bag:biggrin:.. anyways, if you're going to buy your next celine what it would be? ur top 3 :smile: