Micro Luggage, Phantom Luggage, Mini Belt Bag Storage/Display


May 17, 2019
I own the following bags that I’d like to display but am realizing now my Celine bags are both wide and tall because of the handles so I’m struggling to find something that works. Looking for ideas (photos would be super helpful) for how you all have your closet/displays set up with larger Celine bags! Ideally I’d like an armoire with glass doors to prevent dust but still be able to look at them on the daily :heart:.
  • Celine Micro Luggage
  • Celine Phantom Luggage
  • Celine Mini Belt Bag
  • YSL Small Loulou
  • YSL Uptown Pouch
  • Chanel Mini Rectangular Flap
  • 2x Polene Numero Un
  • Polene Numero Un Mini
  • Polene Numero Deux