Micro Luggage Owners!

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Would you buy a tricolor luggage if you had the chance or stick with a single color?

  1. Tricolor - duh?

  2. Single - tris are harder to use in outfits

  1. Please offer some opinions.

    I may be able to get my grubby little hands on a Tricolor Micro Luggage, brand new from a Celine boutique. I was wondering if any owners could maybe comment on the use-ability of a tricolor bag in terms of day-to-day outfits etc. Is it worth it? Should I pull the trigger?

    And unofficially polling to see which you guys think is the better buy - Tricolor or Single color (I'm torn between Burgundy, Amazone and Kohl).

  2. I don't own a tricolor Micro, but I have one in the tan natural calfskin. I personally think the Micro looks more classic in a single color and is more wearable long-term. That's just my personal taste and since I've never owned a tricolor, I might be wrong about how easy they are to wear/match!
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  3. I prefer the single colour luggages and the colours you mention are all fabulous. I’d love an amazone one myself.
    However, go with the one you fall in love with, if you love a tricolor get it and rock it.
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  4. I‘ve had a tricolor for a few month. Even though I loved the color, it was hard for me to match my wardrobe as an everyday bag. I sold it and bought a black and a Kohl instead and I‘m happy now. As much as I loved the tri the single coloured ones are easy to match.
    But: I‘ve heard from my SA that they discontinue tricolored Bags. If there is a tri you love-get it now.
    Here is my sold bag:
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  5. I am a very neutral dresser and I just didn’t take to the tricolour personally. But that could be just me, my sister describes me as bland lol. I do believe also the single colour to look more classic.

    In terms of single colours you really have picked three great ones so I can only advise you to go with whichever one draws you in. I have black, souris and a pearl grey. I have other bags in kohl and I just love that colour. Good luck deciding :smile:
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  6. So, just thought I'd update.

    I decided to purchase the tri-colour. My thinking was that I could always pick up a single colour luggage in the future, unfortunately with the new logo but c'est la vie; whereas tricolour bags are no longer being produced and quintessentially Phoebe.

    Anyway, the first pic shows the selection Milan showed me and the 2nd is her.
    IMG-20190108-WA0003.jpg IMG-20190108-WA0001.jpg
  7. Congratulations!
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  8. You made an excellent choices. Looks like it will go with a lot. Congrats and enjoy!!
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  9. Congrats!!! I have a tri-colored luggage since I think 2013. I remember nobody had an idea about that bag at that time in my town! I loved it soo much and that was also my first designer bag! I still love it but I don’t know why I just don’t use it that much, but I know I will never sell it! You will enjoy it for sure
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  10. Those red suede "wings" are gorgeous! :love: Congratulations, beautiful choice!
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