Micro dilemmas of a petite girl...advice/help?

  1. Thank you! If you know a good SA for Barney's Dallas please let me know. I wish I could physically hunt around and try things on but I'm currently in the US for business/work & usually buy bags when I'm in Asia so it's hard to find a day off as well as not being completely familiar w hunting down bags here. Hopefully next week I'll have a day off to shop seriously! xox
  2. I would suggest getting a micro, but it is ultimately your preference. I'm 5'2 and I thought the micro was a better size and weight....sadly, I'm letting mine go to a better owner.
  3. My SA is Taraneh but anyone of the SA will charge over the phone and mail it to you.

    (469) 221-4700
  4. Oh, hey, don't be put off from getting the phantom. Its a lovely bag, but just remember won't look tiny on you, it will be noticed and will add a striking touch of your appearance. I use mine every day and love it. I feel its not as heavy as the mini.

    of course I am also going to buy a micro now. :smile:
  5. I'm 5ft tall, and while I prefer the weight of the micro, and the fact that it bumps into people less because it's smaller, I actually think it looks slightly porportionally weird on me, although I love how it looks in all the mod pics here.
  6. Oh no...now my heart is leaning for the phantom too!! I guess the perfect solution is to get both, huh? ;)
  7. I just bought my first Celine - a Micro luggage tote in jungle. The Celine store in NYC has lots - both in smooth and drummed leather. Barney's in nyc also has a couple, but only the tri-color. I would try calling the Celine store in NYC and see if they can ship it to you!
  8. stellarr, i am 5'0" as well and i have a micro. the mini is way too big on my frame so i would keep hunting for a micro. i say keep checking the shopping intels thread and just jump on one that you see!

    here's a photo reference of me & my micro:
  9. That's funny, the last time I called they said they were out of black or dune micros :sad:

    I ended up getting a mini, I think I'll aim for a micro in the fall. Thank you for your help!
  10. Wow, your micro looks beautiful!!! May I ask what color that is?
    After searching and calling up many stores I gave up and ordered myself a black mini. Hopefully because I'm used to carrying big bags I will be able to carry a mini okay. But my heart still lies on getting a micro too some day! xox
  11. Why r u letting yours go?
  12. I realized I like bags that I can carry on my shoulder more. Now searching for a box.
  13. It's bicolor black/white!
  14. They never know when they get shipments, so I think sometimes you have to keep calling. I called last Tuesday, they had no Micros in drummed leather. But then on Friday morning, they got a whole shipment and had it in black, dune and jungle, and also this bright orange color!

    I got the Micro but it doesn't hold much stuff .. thinking I will get a mini before I hear about the next price increase!

  15. hi! i am actually aiming to purchase a micro luggage in NYC during my 4-day stay there between august & september. i specifically want the micro in drummed Souris. Do you have an SA that I can contact and ask about the stock of the drummed Souris micro before I head there?

    Thank you!